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– 10 February 2016 –

There are many aspects of the Japanese culture that make them a nation of ideal tenants, which is precisely why so many landlords specifically request Japanese executives and families to occupy their properties.

Reliability, honesty and cleanliness are three of the core qualities of the Japanese culture, and certainty is something that is also considered exceptionally important, with individuals having a strong desire to know what is expected of them at all times. Japan is also a nation that places great importance on longevity; this rings true by the fact that in Japan, there are more than 20,000 companies that have been established for over a century, with some over 1,000 years old, according to Tokyo Shoko Research.

In rental terms, longevity translates as enduring tenancies, and certainty as adherence to tenancy agreement conditions. These qualities are of course by far what every landlord desires.

Making a Virtue of Cleanliness

In Japanese culture, cleanliness is an intrinsic virtue, and here is the proof. The following photos show a genuine before and after comparison of a property pre and post tenancy. The 2-bedroom property, situated in the 20 Abbey Road development in St Johns Wood, was occupied by a Japanese tenant for two years.

The before photos were taken in April 2014, and the after shots in February 2016.



As you can see from the images, the tenant maintained the property in immaculate condition, even respectfully returning soft furnishings and decorative items to their original locations so that the apartment was duly handed back in its original condition. This type of behaviour is most indicative of the Japanese culture.



Respectability and Reputation

Respectability and reputation are also prized native values within the Japanese culture. Failure to pay a bill on time would be seen as dishonourable, and Japan is said to be one of the most fiscally astute nations.

It is also unusual for Japanese individuals to socialise within their homes; they have a preference for outside get-togethers, reserving their living spaces as peaceful sanctuaries where serenity is the norm.

Would you like to let to Japanese Corporate Tenants?

Japanese corporate tenants are, to summarise, the landlords’ dream. The good news is that demand in this sector is very high in London, and as one of London’s most respected premium property agents, Excel Property Services has retained the trust of numerous corporate organisations, embassies and relocation agents for several years, meaning that we have the ideal Japanese tenants ready and waiting for prime real estate in the Capital. We also have a native speaking Japanese desk dedicated to taking care of our Japanese clientele.

Japanese tenants have an inclination for contemporary, high tech living; luxury fixtures and fittings; conveniently located properties with excellent transport links; secure parking and concierge services.

If you are a landlord in London with property that fits the bill, and you are inspired by what we have discussed in this post to let to Japanese corporate tenants, we welcome you to get in touch to talk through how we can help you find the tenants that are the best fit for your property. Please call us on 020 7691 9000 or email info@excel-property.co.uk.

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