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– 15 December 2019 –

Is your letting agent offering the latest technology to market your rental property?

Here at Excel Property Services we are constantly evolving and looking to utilise the latest technologies in order to offer our clients and customers the best possible experience. Our latest acquisition sees us team up with Giraffe360; a game-changing prop-tech company that offer the latest in real estate photography and marketing.

Giraffe360’s camera allows our specialist, in-house marketing team to capture professional quality photography, generate high accuracy floor plans as well as unique, interactive virtual property tours.

High quality photography

Photos are automatically created by stitching together 3 to 6 HDR images, available in 50-megapixel resolution, meaning we can capture your property in the absolute best light. All images are wide-angle and professionally edited by Giraffe360’s specialist team and available for use within 24 hours of Excel visiting your property. Wireless technology also means the images can be sent to the editors from the property, so editing can begin before we even get back to the office!

Accurate floor plans

Floor plans can be automatically generated using the camera’s built-in laser and advanced photogrammetry, and are available in different designs and file formats, always with reliably precise measurements. Floor plans take approximately 2 minutes to generate, meaning we can produce these while capturing the photos, rather than having to send in a separate company later, which can potentially delay the launch of the property onto the market.

Interactive virtual tour

Alongside floor plans, interactive virtual tours are automatically created in stunning 270-megapixel resolution using built-in lasers and sensors working in tandem with more than 190 camera components. The beauty of these tours is that it allows a prospective tenant, from anywhere in the world, to stroll through your property completely at their leisure. Instead of relying just on flitting between photos and a static floorplan to work out the layout, facing and scale of the rooms, they can view in full 360, from various points around the property. Some agents rely on videos, which means the applicant only gets a set tour of the property and has no control over what they get to see and when. Our virtual tours work alongside an interactive floorplan, allowing the viewer to select exactly what room they want to be in, spend as long as they need viewing any angle they wish, before jumping to any other point in the property. It puts the control in the applicant’s hands and we are finding it is giving overseas tenants the confidence to make an offer on a property without even needing to see it in person.

Why Choose Excel?

If you are looking to attract high calibre, corporate tenants, who often don’t have the time to carry out multiple viewings in person due to their busy work schedules, then you need a Letting Agent who is at the forefront of the market in terms of technology. At Excel we can maximise the exposure of your property to the right audience and more importantly, give those people a unique viewing experience to increase your chances of securing the best possible tenant.

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