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Why Choose Excel Property Services


Trust is essential when it comes to your valued assets: especially property. For more than two decades, Excel Property Services have retained the trust of a host of landlords, corporate tenants, blue chip organisations, embassies and relocation agents.

Relying on our exceptional, niche market knowledge and cultural insight, they know that our dedication to understanding their specific needs will always make all the difference: the Excel Difference.

We’re a close-knit team with a great range of individual specialised skills, local London property market knowledge and experience. But the overriding difference is that we all work cohesively in the best interests of everyone we take care of, sharing the core values we know our clients appreciate. Here’s where you can get to know us all a bit better.

Specialist / niche expertise: Our ability to provide in-depth advice and niche insight puts our landlord and investment clients at an advantage through practical, honest, in-the-know advice that is completely relevant. And our tenant clientele enjoy properties and locations ideal for their individual requirements, and their discerning and / or cultural tastes.

Valuing long term relationships: Since 1993 we’ve been forging enduring relationships that have stood the test of time up to this present day. Knowing our clients well means we can deliver relevant, timely advice, right on the button. For investors and sellers it means exceptional rewards thanks to a true understanding of their goals; for landlord and tenant clientele it allows us to ensure the most harmonious matches.

Exceptional local area knowledge: Working in the heart of the premium London property market for more than two decades has afforded us an extraordinary scope of knowledge. Bearing witness to a raft of trends throughout the years, and with an in-depth knowledge of current market demands and a natural instinct for predicting its direction, anyone involved in London property can draw great benefit from our individually tailored guidance.

Attention to detail: Excel clients know very well that in all we do for them, every fine detail matters. Meticulous management processes, a fully tailored service, our hands-on approach and maintaining core focus on clients’ best interests means the smoothest running lets, purchases and sales are guaranteed, every time.